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The 11 available issues presented here are taken from the original Eclectic Medical Journal from 1849-1937. Each issue represents highlights of Eclectic physicians’ clinical knowledge, philosophy and politics. The best and most useful articles on botanicals and other pertinent issues have been chosen from these journals for particular years or on special subjects by Francis Brinker, N.D. Dr. Brinker also wrote the introductory “Periscope” columns for each issue, detailing historical aspects of Eclectic medicine in vol.1 and popular Eclectic botanicals in vol. 2. These journals were originally offered from 1995-1997 as a bi-monthly subscription but archived copies now are available for purchase in sets: Volume 1, issues 1-6 and Volume 2, issues 1-5. Each issue is 32 pages complete with predominantly original EMJ articles and some recent ads and commentary. These journals are being offered again because of their unique and timeless quality and the importance of rediscovering the American roots of naturopathic and botanical medicine.

Volume 1, Issues 1-6, 192 pages; $15.00
Item # 00007

Volume 2, Issues 1-5, 160 pages $15.00
Item # 00008

Order both Volumes 1 & 2, get $5 discount ($25.00)

 Writings of the late Wade Boyle, N.D.

Dr. Wade Boyle wrote extensively on botanical medicine and its history in America. This unique offer includes three of his seminal works bundled together. Included are: 1) Herb Doctors, 2) History of the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, and 3) Botanical Substance in the United States Pharmacopoeias 1820-1980.

75 pages, Paper; $10.00

Item # 00020

The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
By H.W. Felter, M.D.



This 1922 text is essentially a condensed clinical version of King's American Dispensatory
with an additional 100 pages of pharmacology information.

764 pages Hardcover. $95.00
ISBN 1-888483-03-2

Item #58107

The American Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy
By Finley Ellingwood, M.D.

This 1919 eleventh edition text is arranged by drug action and the organs they influence.
Five fold-out charts compare the most commonly used botanicals of the time to treat fever,
heart, digestive, liver and female reproductive organ conditions.

564 pages Hardcover $98.00
ISBN 1-888483-05-0


The Physio-Medical Dispensatory
By William H. Cook, M.D.

The Physio-Medicalists distinguished themselves from other medical sects by their refusal to use any poisonous substance and by a simplified system of actions and energetics. This 1869 reprint is a classic botanical materia medica from the Physio-Medicalist viewpoint.

Hardcover. 832 pages $98.00
ISBN 1-888483-07-5

Item #58101

Reading the Eye, Pulse and Tongue
for the Indicated Remedy

Essays by Eli Jones, M.D.


This book offers useful insights for both homeopathic and botanical practitioners with an emphasis on physical diagnosis in remedy selection, distinct from the limiting practice of prescribing remedies on the basis of symptoms told to the doctor by the patient.

Item #58121

Specific Diagnosis
by John Milton Scudder, M.D.

First published in 1874, Dr. Scudder proposes that there is a definite relationship between known drug actions and known symptom expressions. Specific Diagnosis became the philosophical foundation upon which the post Civil War Eclectic medical practice was based.

Hardcover, 387 pages $35
ISBN 1-888483-04-0

Item #58103

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