Eclectic formulates specific combinations of natural ingredients to nutritionally support health maintenance. Top specialists in the field of nutrition and preventative medicine are consulted to develop these hypoallergenic, comprehensive nutritional products which are supported by scientific literature, and used by enthusiastic physicians throughout the country.

All of Eclectic Institute's Vitamin Formulas have a few things in common:

  • Calcium and magnesium are balanced in a 2-1 ratio. Evidence to support a 1-1 ratio has not been established.
  • AAC Amino Acid Chelate minerals are used to ensure better absorption.
  • None of our formulas contain wheat, corn, sugar, salt, milk, yeast, or artificial preservatives.
  • Iron or Iron Free? Additional iron is rarely recommended for men. Recent studies show that many women do not need additional iron. Excessive iron hinders absorption and fosters free radicals. Women should question their health care professional to determine if additional iron supplementation is needed.





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