Complex Herbs - Complete Medicines

by Francis Brinker, N.D.

This book takes you into the traditional and modern worlds of botanicals, medicine, and pharmacy, providing knowledge of how the complexities of a plant are affected by product processing. It is the only book that:

• Discusses the relationship between food, herbs, and drugs based on intended use and the varying complexities among herbal products;
• Examines traditional and modern herbal preparations, solvents, and derivatives and proposes appropriate language to distinguish between herbs, their native extracts, simplified fractions, and isolated phytochemicals;
• Quotes extensively from the distinguished Eclectic pharmacist and authority, John Uri Lloyd, who spent over 70 years in the pioneering study and development of American botanical pharmacy;
• Considers different modern methods for producing botanical preparations including freeze-dried raw herbs and standardized extracts;
• Provides comprehensive assessments of some of the most popular herbs in America that exemplify a full range of botanical preparations to illustrate their differences.

432 pages; Paperback, $24.95
ISBN 1-888483-12-1
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