The Eclectic Institute is proud to host the following educational programs and events on our combined 165 acres of property at the base of Mt. Hood. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @eclecticherb to get up-to-date information about the events happening at our farms throughout the year.


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Eclectic Internship Program

We are gearing up for year 2 of our Budding Herbalis Internship Program, a hands-on educational opportunity for beginning herbalists. Interns help on the farm 4 days per week with the cultivation, maintenance and harvest of medicinal herbs. In the evenings and select weekends, they can expect classes on a wide range of topics in herbal medicine and holistic health. We offer this internship in 3 different sessions: spring, summer, and fall.

Kids summer Camps

Eclectic Institute offers two summer camps for kids ages 8-12. These camps are all outdoors, set on 75 acres of Oregon’s beautiful countryside. Through our nature-based curriculums, we encourage kids to explore, play, harvest, create, and above all, enhance their appreciation and respect for the Earth.

This year we are proud to offer our 4th annual Junior Herbalist Kids Camp, as well as our first-ever Garden-to-Table Cooking Camp. Find more details below!

Annual revitalization retreat

The retreat is held every September at the Eclectic herb farm and is open to naturopathic students and doctors. During the retreat, naturopathic Elders share their knowledge of hands on traditional treatments such as hydrotherapy, mudbaths, clay packs and wet wraps.

Elders teach about the origins of the naturopathic principles with fireside discussions and CE accredited talks are given in tipi classrooms or in the fresh outdoors.



Looking for some holiday gifting inspiration? You can use herbs in all sorts of ways to create beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

Join us in this interactive, hands-on workshop. We'll guide you through making a variety of delicious herbal liqueurs, as well as skin-soothing body butter. Leave with samples, plus complete instructions to do it again in your own home!