The Eclectic Institute is proud to host the following events on our combined 165 acres of property at the base of Mt. Hood. Follow us on Facebook to get up-to-date information about the events happening at our farms throughout the year.


Kids Herb Camp

This Summer camp is held on the 75 acre grounds of Eclectic Institute, a 33 year old herb company founded and owned by a family of naturopaths. The curriculum includes medicinal herbs, plants for first aid, making herbal remedies, plant identification, and ethical wildcrafting. Each child will have a collection of their own homemade remedies and a herbal workbook to bring home at the end of the week.


Annual revitalization retreat

The retreat is held every September at the Eclectic herb farm and is open to naturopathic students and doctors. During the retreat, naturopathic Elders share their knowledge of hands on traditional treatments such as hydrotherapy, mudbaths, clay packs and wet wraps.

Elders teach about the origins of the naturopathic principles with fireside discussions and CE accredited talks are given in tipi classrooms or in the fresh outdoors.


Fly-in, cruise-in

Once a year, we open the airplane runway at Eclectic Institute to this classic car and airplane show. See our historic airplane runway and enjoy music, food, and fun with the family. 

Hosted by the Sandy Kiwanis club.