Eclectic Institute was founded by naturopathic physician and registered pharmacist, Dr. Ed Alstat, within the clinic dispensary of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1982.

Naturopathic Medicine


Eclectic Institute was founded within the clinic dispensary at NCNM - The National College of Natural Medicine by pharmacy director Dr. Ed Alstat and clinic director Dr. Michael Ancharski. 



Eclectic Institute launched its very first product, Opti Natal, a vitamin and herb combination for pregnant and lactating women. This was followed by a multivitamin, and then with the help of naturopathic teacher Dr. William Turska, the popular immune formula Vitabiotic was created.

Freeze-Dried Capsules


Eclectic expanded into health food stores so that products could more easily get into the hands of people that needed them. Starting with their home state of Oregon, Eclectic products eventually grew to be sold throughout the country.

Health Food Store


Dr. Alstat became fascinated with freeze-drying after learning that plasma from blood could be re-infused into the body after it had been freeze-dried. This demonstrated to him the pureness of freeze-drying as a preservation method, and he began to apply this to the preservation of herbs. Eclectic became the first company to freeze-dry herbs.

Freeze Dried


Dr. Alstat began to wonder why the herbs in everyone's extracts were organic when the alcohol was not. Also from his clinical experience, he knew that many people had sensitivities to grain and therefore to grain alcohol. Eclectic institute became the first company to use organic non-grain alcohol.

organic alcohol


Eclectic left the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and expanded into a larger location in Milwaukie, Oregon. More employees were hired and new products were added to the line.



Up to this point, herbs were wildcrafted and grown on Dr. Alstat's personal farm. With the growth of the company, it was time to expand the agricultural arm to a 90-acre farm in the pristine Oregon countryside.

organic farming


Dr. Alstat always had a fascination with the Eclectic pharmacist John Uri Lloyd who manufactured herbal formulas in the 19th century. Dr. Alstat had a Lloyd cold still custom built to create alcohol-free extracts without the use of heat. 

cold distillation



International interest in our products began with Japan. Our products are now sold in many countries.



Dr. Alstat presented with Presidential Citation from The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians "for outstanding leadership in providing substantial and ongoing contributions to the naturopathic medical profession, the AANP, and the naturopathic medical colleges."


Another expansion led Eclectic to a large building in downtown Sandy, Oregon. It was custom refit to hold 2 Lloyd stills, a full lab, and production facilities encompassing 22,000 feet.

Sandy Oregon


In Asia, mushrooms have been known for centuries to have health giving benefits. Eclectic introduced a full line of mushroom products, including freeze-dried capsules and extracts.




Dr. Alstat presented with the fifth NCNM President's Medallion ever awarded for contribution to the school and profession.



Eclectic releases powders — pure freeze-dried herbs, vegetables and fruits with absolutely nothing added — the cleanest way to take your supplements.

freeze-dried powders


Eclectic purchases its final home, the historic McKinnon airpark in Sandy, Oregon. Production and manufacturing occurs in the updated aircraft hangar. Surrounded by the Bull Run Wildlife Preserve, this beautiful location also serves as a haven for many native wildlife species.

Eclectic Warehouse



Revitalization Retreats. Eclectic starts hosting nature retreats for naturopathic doctors and students on its certified organic farm.




Kid’s Herb Camp. Eclectic starts offering hands on, outdoor herbal education to children at its production facilities.



Internship Program. Eclectic launches its first herbal immersion internship program, for interested students to gain valuable hands-on skills in farming and herbalism.