quality sourcing

To meet the high standards of our founder, Dr. Edward Alstat, all of our products must be effective, ethical, and easy to use. We source from the best, harvesting the highest quality raw materials.

United Herbs


We put freshly picked herbs straight into our freeze-driers to ensure they will retain all of the living vitality of the fresh plant. With freeze-drying, the fresh herb is placed into a low pressure vacuum chamber, and then only the water is gently removed via sublimation. Freeze-drying is the perfect preservative, eliminating the need for any additives.



Our extracts use herbs picked fresh at the peak of potency, macerated in grain-free organic alcohol, and then filtered until all remaining particulates are removed. We scientifically calculate the correct formula for our extraction menstruum to fit each individual herb. Our passionate founder has always been ahead of his time. We were the first to use organic grain free alcohol  because many people have dietary sensitivities to corn and grain.



Eclectic uses unique cold distillation processes to create our alcohol-free extracts. Our glycerite line is the same strength as our standard extract line and uses no heat. Our Lloyd still was developed by the reknowned pharmacist John Uri Lloyd - and is the same as the Lloyd still that can be found on display at the Smithsonian museum.