summer Camps

Eclectic Institute offers two summer camps for kids ages 8 -12.* These camps are all outdoors, set on 75 acres of Oregon’s beautiful countryside. Through our nature-based curriculums, we encourage kids to explore, play, harvest, create, and above all, enhance their appreciation and respect for the Earth.

This year we are proud to offer our 4th annual Junior Herbalist Kids Camp, as well as our first-ever Garden-to-Table Cooking Camp. Find more details below!

*If your child falls slightly outside of this age range but you think they would be a good fit for one of these camps, feel free to sign them up.

Junior herbalist kids camp 
june 24 to 28 (9 AM - 2 PM)

This summer camp is held on the 75-acre grounds of Eclectic Institute, a 33-year-old company founded and owned by a family of naturopaths. The curriculum includes medicinal herbs, plants for first aid, making herbal remedies, plant identification, and ethical wildcrafting. This is a fully outdoor camp where kids can pick flowers, work with fresh plants, and create lots of herbal products.

Inquire about after-program care available until 5 pm

*Spaces are limited, this camp fills up fast!

Cost $ 170 + ($20 materials fee)

** Early Bird special until April 30th - 15% discount. Use code CAMP

To get on a mailing list to hear about future camp dates, or with questions about registration, please email

garden to table kids cooking camp 
August 12-16 (9 AM - 2 PM)

We are very excited to offer an opportunity for kids to explore their interest in cooking with fresh produce! Over the course of 5 days, kids will harvest fresh foods straight from our organic garden, and will use them to prepare their own morning snacks and lunches. The focus will be on food that is vegetarian, nutrient-dense, delicious, seasonal, and kid-approved! All cooking will be done outside, either on hot plates or over an open fire. Kids will learn how to harvest and prep fresh produce, basic knife skills and kitchen safety, and how to follow a simple recipe. The aim is to give kids the curiosity and confidence to go home and continue making healthy meals for themselves and their families. And of course, between cooking sessions, there will plenty of opportunity for organized and free play!

Inquire about after-program care available until 5 pm

Cost $ 170 + ($20 materials fee)

** Early Bird special until April 30th - 15% discount. Use code CAMP


Christine Alstat 

Chris is the owner of Eclectic Institute, a 36-year-old legacy herb company started by her late naturopathic physician husband. Mom to a 9 year old and a graduate of naturopathic school in New Zealand; she a huge fan of anything plant-related. She enjoys making her own remedies, teaching children about healthy eating, and sharing the wonders of the herb world on her certified organic farmland.




Jed Thaggard 

Jed works as Education Coordinator at the Eclectic Institute. With a background in herbalism and a master’s degree in nutrition, he is passionate about using nutrient-dense foods and herbs to create delicious, healthful meals. He has worked in education in various capacities, with adults and children, and loves inspiring others to take the power into their own hands to craft herbal remedies and meals that both taste and feel good. Fundamentally, he believes that forming a meaningful connection with nature is the first step to healing ourselves and the Earth.

LB Gossett (2).jpg

LB Gossett

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, LB worked abroad as an English assistant in a French elementary school and spent a year as an au pair before moving to Guadeloupe to continue her work as an English assistant in middle and high school classrooms. When she returned to the US she continued to work in child care and the service industry. Two years ago she moved to the Pacific Northwest from Florida to pursue a career in outdoor education. She spent her first year at a Montessori preschool and in the summer of 2018 began working for Trackers Earth. Most recently she has received her WFR certification and been a part of the year-long Forest School Teacher training program with Trackers Earth.