The Eclectic:

The Life and Times of Dr. Wallace W. Wheat

by Laura Z. Clavio

The Eclectic: The Life and Times of Dr. Wallace W. Wheat is a novel based on the life of a country doctor who practiced in Roseville, a village in Parke County, Indiana, in the early twentieth century. A graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute in Cincinnati, OH, the forerunners of today's naturopathic physicians, he practiced botanical medicine at a time before the discovery of today's wonder drugs. His reputation as an eccentric did not reflect the sensitive man or competent physician that he became. He was honored as one of Indiana's most notable Hoosiers in 1931. His love of nature, his passion for one woman, and his dedication to medicine weave a tender story of selfless service and gritty determination. The novel captures a time in early American medicine that chronicles great changes in the medical profession and rural Indiana life at the turn of the century. Parke County, Indiana, is today dubbed "the Covered Bridge Capitol of the World". The story captures the charm, utility and importance of these bridges in early America. The book contains many period photos.